Random Password Generator in Java

The button below is displayed by a small applet. Clicking it downloads and runs a large class. Randomness in this implementation comes from the constructor for the Java class Random().

With the most recent Java update, the applet won't run unless you go through some extra steps. In Firefox, I see a banner that asks if I want the applet to run. If I click "allow," I get a dialog box that asks if I want to allow the applet to run once, or to remember. If I then click "once," I get a dialog that says "Application blockd by Security Settings" and the web page shows "Error. Click for details." That brings up a box that says "Application Blocked. Click for details," and clicking "Details" brings up an empty Java Console. I got mail from a user who says I have to sign the applet. I will work on this. Meantime, try the JavaScript version.

You need Java to see this output.

To copy the binaries, just click on Gpw.class GpwData.class GpwDataInit1.class GpwDataInit2.class and GpwWindow.class

You are welcome to use the Java source of the password generator, if you

Other Versions


This password generator is available in JavaScript on a simple web page that also describes the history of such generators. Visit the page to get a list of ten 12-character passwords; click the button for ten new ones. Passwords are generated locally on your machine. The JavaScript code has also been packaged as an iPhone web app.

C/C++ Version

The generator is available in C/C++, in a version that allows you to supply your own dictionaries.

updated 01/24/97 to work around AWT bugs on UNIX. Tested with Netscape on Solaris, Win95, and Mac
updated 07/31/97 to work around Java 1.1 problems with Netscape 4.0.
Javascript version added 11/27/09.
Made the Javascript version more prominent 12/14/13.
Warned about applet signing 03/31/14.