CTSS Creators and Users

Tom Van Vleck

Award plaque

I found an old file that listed people who worked on MIT's Compatible Time-Sharing System (CTSS) and users who supported it. This list is dated 1973 and was used to generate a list of people invited to a ceremony at MIT celebrating the shutdown of the CTSS machine. The ceremony was in March 1974; I missed it because I was out of the country. They gave every attendee a little plaque made from a piece of a 1302 disk used on CTSS.

The list was generated from multiple sources, including names mentioned in old Project MAC and Computation Center progress reports, CTSS billing records, and the CTSS manual. Some of these folks have provided contact addresses on the Multicians list.


Allen, JanetSystem
Anderson, David A.System
Bailey, Michael J.System
Bayles, Richard U.System
Berry, Lucy AnnCC
Bixby, JimSystem
Bjerstedt, WilliamSystem
Bjorkman, Elizabeth Quisenberry System
Bos, Peter R.System
Brooking, WayneIBM
Burner, Weston J.Administration
Bush, RobertIBM
Campbell, Robert H.System
Cerrato, RichardOperations
Chandler, DonIBM
Child, Margaret E.System
Clancy, Gerald F.System
Comeau, LesIBM
Comer, MichaelSystem
Corbató, Fernando J. Administration
Creasy, RobertSystem
Crisman, Patricia A. System
Cushing, Carole E.System
Daggett, Marjorie M.System
Daley, Robert C.System
DePrisco, RobertSystem
Degan, Robert A.Operations
Dempsey, Timothy F.Contributor
Dunten, Stanley D.System
Edwards, Daniel J.System
Evans, Arthur, Jr.System
Fabry, RobertSystem
Fano, Robert M.Administration
Feldman, Clarence G. Contributor
Fenichel, Robert R.System
Garman, Charles C.System
Geffner, SamuelCC
Giesing, FritzIBM
Gordon, Jessica Hellwig System
Gottlieb, MargerySystem
Graham, Robert M.System
Greenberger, MartinContributor
Hart, Robert G.Administration
Hastings, Thomas N.System
Jarvis, Vincent F.Operations
Jones, Malcolm M.Administration
Kliman, Edith M.Documentation
Korn, LyndaleeSystem
Kudlick, M.RTTS
Licklider, Joseph C. R. Administration
Lieberman, Arnold M. System
Logcher, Robert D.Contributor
Martin, Karolyn J.System
Mathews, William D.Contributor
McCarthy, JohnSystem
McGowan, DonIBM
Mills, Richard G.Administration
Minsky, MarvinCC
Morris, Noel I.System
Morse, Philip M.Administration
Moses, JoelContributor
Munday, Brian W.RTTS
Nissen, WalterContributor
Odland, LeolaSystem
Oppert, Donald H.System
Orenstein, RichardSystem
Padlipsky, Michael A. System
Podolsky, JohnSystem
Poduska, J. WilliamSystem
Pouzin, LouisSystem
Pugh, Alexander W., III Contributor
Rappaport, Robert L. System
Reeve, Christopher L. Contributor
Roach, Roger A.System
Rosenbaum, Susan L.System
Rutchka, AlexRTTS, System
Ryan, Leo J.Operations
Saltzer, Jerome H.System
Scherr, Alan L.RTTS, System
Schroeder, GlendaSystem
Sheldon, Robert C.System
Skinner, Thomas P.System
Smith, PatriciaSystem
Solomita, Michael V. Operations
Spall, Judith W.Documentation
Springer, SusanDocumentation
Steinberg, Joseph R. Administration
Stotz, Robert H.Contributor
Strachey, Christopher Contributor
Teager, Herbert M.RTTS
Thompson, Kenneth L. Contributor
Thornhill, Daniel E. Contributor
Tillman, Coyt C.Contributor
True, FrederickOperations
Van Vleck, Thomas H. System
Vezza, Albert M.Contributor
Wagner, Donald B.System
Wagner, Mary R.System
Weizenbaum, JosephContributor
Widrig, Donald R.System
Wiesner, Jerome B.Administration
Wilde, Daniel U.RTTS
Wolman, BarryContributor
Wright, Otis C.RTTS
Zaborowski, Dorothy Shea System


Abkowitz, MartinNaval Arch.
Bicknell, J.Aero. & Astro.
Biemann, KlausChemistry
Biggs, John M.Civil Engineering
Bloomfield, Lincoln P.Political Science
Bobrow, DanielEE
Bottiglia, W. F.Modern Languages
Brackett, John W.EE
Brammer, Harmon E.MAC, EE
Brescia, MichaelESL
Brown, Gordon S.Dean, Engineering
Brown, Paul E.CAES
Brown, Sanborn C.Dean, Science
Bruce, James D.EE
Cabral, Melvin L.MAC
Carpenter, RichardSloan
Carroll, Donald C.Sloan
Charney, Jule G.Meteorology
Coons, Steven A.Mechanical Engineering
Dempsey, Timothy F.TIP
Denning, PeterMAC
Dennis, Jack B.MAC
Dertouzos, MichaelMAC
Donovan, John J.MAC
Dumey, ArnoldMAC
Eacker, James H.Mechanical Engineering
Fleisher, AaronCity & Regional Planning
Forrester, Jay W.Sloan
Forte, AllenHumanities
Gerrity, Thomas P.Sloan
Goldstein, Robert F.MAC
Gorry, G. AnthonySloan
Gray, Paul E.FAC
Hansen, Kent F.Nuclear Engineering
Hart, Timothy P.MAC
Hebalkar, PrakashMAC
Henderson, D. Austin, Jr.MAC
Henke, William F.EE
Howard, Louis N.Mathematics
Jessel, PeterESL, Intrex
Johnson, TimothyArchitecture
Johnston, D. D.Metallurgy
Jordan, David M.TIP
Kaplow, RoyMetallurgy
Kessler, Myer M.TIP
Klensin, John C.Political Science
Kuh, Edwin V.Economics
Kusik, Robert L.Intrex
Lapin, Robert B.ESL
Levinthal, CyrusBiology
Liu, Chung L.MAC
Luconi, Fred L.MAC
Matthews, Peter D.Instrumentation
McElroy, Robert I.Psychology
McIlroy, M. DouglasMultics
McIntosh, StuartPolitical Science
McMains, WrenArchitecture
McNeil, DonaldBiology
Minsky, Marvin A.MAC, AI
Morris, RobertMultics
Negroponte, Nicholas Architecture
Ness, David N.Sloan
Neumann, Peter G.Multics
Newton, George C.ESL
Nissen, Walter F.TIP
Ossanna, Joseph F.Multics
Overhage, Carl F. J.Intrex
Papert, Seymour A.MAC, AI
Patil, Suhas S.MAC
Polansky, Robert B.ESL
Pool, Ithiel de SolaPolitical Science
Reintjes, J. FrancisESL
Rodriguez, Jorge E.ESL, AED
Roos, DanielCivil Engineering
Ross, Douglas T.ESL, AED
Samuel, Arthur L.MAC
Sayers, Ralph A.RLE
Scott, Robert H.Engineering
Seeger, JohnDSR
Selwyn, Lee L.Sloan
Smullin, Louis D. MAC
Sprague, Christopher R.Sloan
Stockham, Thomas G., Jr. MAC
Therrien, CharlesESL, Intrex
Thornton, R.EE
Tobin, William D.ERC
Tucker, John A.EE
Van Horn, Earl C.MAC
Varian, Lee C.Multics
Walsh, John F.ESL, AED
Walter, Ronald A.Civil Engineering
Ward, John E.ESL
Ward, Stephen A.MAC
Wilde, Daniel U.MAC
Wilkes, Maurice V. MAC
Winett, Joel M.MAC
Wozencraft, John M.MAC
Wynne, John M.Sloan
Zacharaias, Jerrold M.VP
Zannetos, Zenon F.Sloan


AEDESL Algol Extended for Design
AIMIT AI Laboratory
AdministrationProject MAC administration
Aero. & Astro.MIT Aeronautics & Astronautics Dept
ArchitectureMIT Architecture Dept
BiologyMIT Biology Dept
CAESMIT Center for Advanced Engineering Study
CCMIT Computation Center
ChemistryMIT Chemistry Dept
City & Regional PlanningMIT City And Regional Planning Dept
Civil EngineeringMIT Civil Engineering Dept
Contributorcontributed programs to CTSS
DSRMIT Division of Sponsored Research
Dean, EngineeringMIT School of Engineering
Dean, ScienceMIT School of Science
DocumentationCTSS documentation
EEMIT Electrical Engineering Dept
ERCEducation Research Center
ESLMIT Electronic Systems Laboratory
EconomicsMIT Economics Dept
EngineeringMIT School of Engineering
FACMIT Faculty
HumanitiesMIT Humanities Dept
IBMIBM Corporation
InstrumentationMIT Instrumentation Laboratory
IntrexESL Information Transfer Experiments
MathematicsMIT Mathematics Dept
Mechanical EngineeringMIT Mechanical Engineering Dept
MetallurgyMIT Metallurgy Dept
MeteorologyMIT Meteorology Dept
Modern LanguagesMIT Modern Languages Dept
MulticsProject MAC Multics development group
Naval Arch.MIT Naval Arch. Dept
Nuclear EngineeringMIT Nuclear Engineering Dept
OperationsComputation Center or Project MAC computer operations
Political ScienceMIT Political Science Dept
PsychologyMIT Psychology Dept
RLEMIT Research Laboratory for Electronics
RTTSReal Time Timesharing System, Project MAC
SloanMIT Sloan School of Management
SystemCTSS system developer
TIPProject TIP, MIT Libraries
VPVice President of MIT

posted 03/31/03, updated 01/11/07 with info from Otis Wright