Letter from Stanley Van Vleck

Got a nice mail message from Stanley O. Van Vleck, who wrote on 01/23/97:

I was raised on the Van Vleck Ranch 20 miles East of Sacramento. The Ranch was originally established in 1917 by my grandfather, Orin. It started as a couple hundred acres and over time has expanded to over 5,000 acres. Now, my father, brother (Van) and I share ownership.

My father still works on the Ranch 7 days a week, despite being 76 years old. Especially because 3 years ago he was in a horrible helicopter accident that left him in intensive care for 7 weeks. The crash occurred while he was working cattle with the helicopter. However, he is back working cattle with a replacement helicopter. The Van Vlecks are like a Timex watch, they take a licking and keep on...

In addition to ranchers, our family has some politicians:

My father's first cousin, Gordon VV, was President of the California Chamber of Commerce, Secretary of Resources (a Cabinet level position) for 8 years under Gov. Duekemejian. He was also president of the National Cattlemen's Association and the California Cattlemen's Assn.

My father has also served on many National and State Cattlemen's Committees as well as local government task forces.

My father's uncle, Forest VV, was mayor of the city of Placerville.

I have also dabbled in politics as well. I worked for Pete Wilson when he was a U.S. Senator on agricultural policy matters. I later worked for him on his transition team after he was elected Governor.

Before then, I worked for a local Assemblymember. In 1987 and 1988 I was Vice President and President, respectively, of the student body at Cal Poly, SLO.

In addition, I have some science background. I have a BS in Business Management, whith a minor in Chemistry. (I took the chemistry courses because I love chemistry-and most sciences.)

My chemistry background was the key difference in getting my job at this law firm back in 1989. Our firm represents chemical companies including Dow Chemical, Monsanto and Rhone Poulenc. We represent 8 out of the top 10 Ag commodities (i.e. cotton, milk, citrus...). In addition, we also represent over 6,000 grocery stores including Safeway, Luckys, and Vons.

Since 1989, most of my days have been spent at the State Capitol or a State agency fighting for one of these clients. I really enjoy it.


[Saw this online. Seems like the replacement copter failed too. Condolences to the family.]

One Dead In Helicopter Crash

Helicopter Goes Down Near Rancho Murieta

IONE, Calif., Posted 6:28 p.m. PDT September 7, 2000 --

A helicopter crashed southeast of Sacramento Thursday killing one person and sparking a small grass fire.

The helicopter went down in a rural area near the town of Ione. Fire crews discovered the wreckage after responding to a report of a grass fire in the area. Crews quickly got the fire under control.

Officials confirmed that the pilot was killed in the crash. He was later identified as 79-year-old Stanley L. Van Vleck. Authorities told KCRA 3 that the FAA has been called in to investigate the crash.

The Stanley L. Van Vleck Memorial Highway

California State Route 16 has a section named after Cousin Stanley. According to Daniel Faigin's California Highways:

The portion of this route from Dillard Road in Sacramento County and the Amador County line is named the "Stanley L. Van Vleck Memorial Highway". Stanley L. Van Vleck was born in 1920 near Placerville, California. A third-generation Californian, he grew up on his family's homestead that was established about 1850. He later moved to a ranch in Sloughhouse, California. He had a long and distinguished career as a rancher in the Sacramento region, and served in many leadership positions in agricultural organizations at the local, state, and national level, including the California Cattlemen's Association, the California Farm Bureau, the National Flying Farmers, and the National Cattlemen's Association. He also allowed the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the California Air National Guard, the California Department of Forestry, the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department, the Sacramento City Police Department, and the Sacramento Life Flight Unit to train on his ranch. He spearheaded the creation of the Cosumnes River School District and served as the President of that district's governing board for many years. He also shared his ranch with the entire community by allowing tens of thousands of Boy Scouts, 4-H'ers, Future Farmers of America, local students, California Operating Engineers, recreationists, and families a chance to experience agriculture and open space on his ranch. He lost his life in an accident while working at his beloved Sloughhouse ranch on September 7, 2000. Named by Assembly Concurrent Resolution 4, Resolution Chapter 61, filed June 7, 2001.