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Mulvaney on Bomb Disposal. Cartoons from the WWII newsletter of the US Navy Bomb Disposal School.
Dave Lescohier explaining something to Mr. Boyd in his basement, 1959. This is how I got started with computers.
1401 control panel. I had summer jobs programming 1401s at UOP and Swift & Company while I was in college.
In 1965, Noel Morris and I wrote the electronic mail program that is the ancestor of today's email.
Windows of 575 Technology Square, the Beta building, where the Honeywell Cambridge Information Systems Laboratory resided from about 1970 until 1984.
Martin, Widrig, 645
Don Widrig debugging Multics on the 645.
My colleague André Bensoussan. He taught me a key lesson on quality: It Can Be Done. (André died Oct. 12, 2003, after a long illness.)
Roger Roach shutting down CTSS on the MIT 7094, July 20, 1973.
A poem, painted on walls in Cambridge, in the 70s. (This reminds me of a software engineering story, "Painting the Wall.")
Angus Macdonald playing adventure on a Selecterm terminal in my Waltham apartment, 1973.
MIT's Honeywell 6180 Multics machine.
Amanita Caesarea. I got interested in Mushroom hunting through the writings of John Cage.
Multics Man. One of several pieces of Multics humor.
The white 911 I bought in 1974. I loved this car. Drove it to Phoenix, and foolishly sold it.
The Multics Cuties. Sue Bender, Liz Mullen, Kay Kaiser: Their shirts read Save Honeywell, Buy a Multics on the front, and Save Multics, Buy Honeywell on the back. Taken in Phoenix in 1978, about the time of the Palyn Report.
Software Engineering Comix. There are many ways to do software right, and many more to do it wrong.
Karger, Schell
Paul Karger and Roger Schell, at the IEEE Oakland security conference, 1994. They broke Multics security in the 70s.
Venice. Our favorite city.

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