05 Jun 2022

Multicians Registration

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Who is a Multician? Anybody who contributed to the development and success of Multics, who advocated it to others and tried to make it better, who loves the system (with all its faults). As long as we have Multicians, we have the best part of Multics.

To add yourself to the Multicians list, or update your entry, please fill out this form. (If you have trouble, send mail to the editor.)

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I encourage you to write up a brief "Multics biography" for yourself and post it to alt.os.multics or the Multicians mailing list. If you have stories or pictures from the history of Multics, space for them and help putting them in Web format is available.

Mail address display: As a spam control measure, your e-mail address will not be displayed on the multicians.html page. Instead, clicking a link will present a web form where a user can type a message to you. Clicking SEND on the form will look up your e-mail address in a protected database and send you mail.

Privacy Policy: We will not sell or give your e-mail address to anybody without your permission, except for forwarding mail to you via the web form. Message senders, destinations, and subjects are briefly logged so the editor can detect spammers.

Mass Mailing Policy: The editor may very occasionally send a message to all mail addresses in the database, concerning operational changes for the website, such as the introduction of the spammer-blocking system described above. Typically this happens less than once a year. Routine communication to all Multicians is done by posting in alt.os.multics and/or the Yahoo group multicians.

"Multicians" mailing list: The multicians mailing list has been set up, for contact among Multicians. See the signup instructions.