clipping from a Honeywell employee newsletter supplied by Ron Riedesel

Multics in the snow, newsletter clipping, 1979

The new Multics computer was up and running, so a celebrating Dave Bergum, Computer network Operations (CNO) applications engineer, made a midnight visit to the plaza in front of General Offices to tramp out the good news in the knee-deep snow. The shadowy figures in the lower right hand corner are John Gilson, Diane Anderson, Bob Asproth, Dave Jordan, and Joe Kruckas, hardy souls who later joined Bergum to admire the message. The shadow in the upper part of the photo is cast by the plaza's sculpture, "24 elements." For more on CNO, see page 4.

[Cec Erickson] I am holding the complete newspaper in my hand and the date is March 19, 1979. The inside story (half of page 4 and all of 5 with lots of pictures) explains the decision to get Multics in Mpls was made in January 1978 and that the CNO system was up and running in February 1979.