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11 Mar 2003

Marketing Successes

Multics Close ⊗

supplied by Ron Riedesel

The Multics Flying Squad plaque

Here are some scans of other Multics Marketing coverage during the 1970s.

A reprinted article from DATAMATION (350K PDF) describing Honeywell marketing in 1976, with emphasis on Multics. Quotes from Warren Martin and Ron Riedesel. Photos of Dick Meise and Norm Feldman. Dated March 1977.

Announcement (163K PDF) in the Honeywell Printout of the USGS sale. Date is not shown. Long quote from Bob Montee, thanking Allen Berglund, Don Mengel, Wade Myers, Ed Wallman, Bob Franklin, Charlie Clingen, Mike Grady, Bob Mullen, Ron Riedesel, Lacy Johnson, Rich Chouinard, Jerry Cahoon, and Harold Van Sant. Also a quote from Jim Pompa, head of FSO.

Writeup (83K PDF) in the Honeywell Printout of an award for best technical presentation at the ACM Greater New York regional conference on databases given to Harry Quackenboss. Harry and Oris Friesen prepared the presentation about the just-announced MRDS. There's one picture of Warren Martin with Harry and one of Oris. The issue is dated 31 August 197_ (last digit of the date is cut off).