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23 Jan 2003

Marketing Item

Courtesy of Ron Riedesel, Multics Marketing.

[Ron Riedesel] I think it was done shortly after Warren Martin created the Flying Squad. Maybe 1976?

We were trying to get the field sales force to give us the chance to evaluate deals that were being bid with GCOS and lost because of its aged architecture. This gizmo was a handout for our sales training sessions.

[Warren Martin] I don't remember the date (even year) but it was shortly after I got involved. It was the first(?) promo item that I had implemented. If you remember, this thing was made out of aluminum and fitted onto a base that allowed it to stand upright to sit on desks and act as a "flag" for salesmen and techies to consider Multics....I think it was of some benefit....mgmt thought it was "novel".

Marketing desk card front

Marketing desk card back