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Multics Technical Bulletins Index

Multics Technical Bulletins (MTBs) were development white papers produced by project members and circulated to everyone on the team. They followed the series of over 1000 Multics Checkout Bulletins produced during the initial implementation of the system.

Starting in 1976, some internal-only matters were covered by Multics Staff Bulletins instead.

MTBs written since the release of the Multics Simulator in 2015 are indexed on a separate page.

(July 2018) 472 MTBs scanned by the Multics History Project have been added to the website and linked from this index.

MTBs 545-770 were reformatted into HTML from versions obtained from the MIT AFS archives.

year MTBs (16 years)
MTB-001, 1973-09-27, Multics Change Requests for September, M. Hodges

MTB-002, 1973-10-10, enter_daemon_request, Gary C. Dixon

MTB-003, 1973-11-08, Multics Standard Tape Record Length, Noel I. Morris

MTB-004, 1973-10-22, Proposed New I/O Daemon Design, Robert S. Coren

MTB-005, 1973-10-23, Multics Change Requests, M. Hodges

MTB-006, 1973-10-24, Proposed ring 1 exchanges prior to implementation of new mail and send_message commands., Peter Haber

MTB-007, 1973-10-25, New command, sort, to replace the current sort_file command, and a new subroutine, sort_, Ross Klinger

MTB-008, 1973-10-29, truncate_, a proposed new subroutine, Gary C. Dixon

MTB-009, 1973-10-22, Multics Change Requests, M. Hodges

MTB-010, 1973-10-30, The New I/O System, M. Donald MacLaren

MTB-011, 1973-11-06, Metering tools and security, Robert F. Mabee

MTB-012, 1973-11-07, New procedure tracing command, Barry L. Wolman

MTB-013, 1973-11-01, The dial facility, T. H. Van Vleck

MTB-014, 1973-11-16, neted: A Common Editor for the ARPA Network, Michael A. Padlipsky

MTB-015, 1973-11-16, Multics Change Requests, M. Hodges

MTB-016, 1973-11-15, Proposed Changes to the SYSERR and OPERATOR's CONSOLE Software, Bill Silver

MTB-017, 1973-11-21, The Storage Problem, T. H. Van Vleck, Steven H. Webber, André Bensoussan

MTB-018, 1973-12-03, Multics Change Requests, M. Hodges

MTB-019, 1973-11-28, Some Thoughts on the Handling of Files, Gary C. Dixon

MTB-020, 1973-12-04, Register Allocation Via Usage Counts, Robert A. Freiburghouse

MTB-021, 1973-11-30, New version of the sort_file command, and a new subroutine, sort_file_, Ross Klinger

MTB-022, 1973-12-03, Proposed new commands, Ross Klinger

MTB-023, 1973-12-21, Modification of Disk Device Assignments in Multics, Noel I. Morris

MTB-024, 1973-11-28, Facilitating modifications to ring 0 gates, Michael D. Schroeder

MTB-025, 1973-12-07, More on the New I/O System, M. Donald MacLaren

MTB-026, 1973-12-19, Multics Change Requests, M. Hodges

MTB-027, 1974-01-02, Multics Change Requests, M. Hodges

MTB-028, 1973-12-31, Ideas for a GIM replacement, Noel I. Morris

MTB-029, 1974-01-02, 6180 hardware modifications, S. Webber

MTB-030, 1974-01-03, Metering tools and security, R. F. Mabee

MTB-031, 1973-12-28, The Multics Online Installation System, P. Kelley

MTB-032, 1974-01-02, Proposed Command Name Usage Monitor, D. Kayden, R. Roach

MTB-033, 1974-01-07, Cost Comparison of TSO and Multics, M. Schroeder

MTB-034, 1974-01-07, The Tape Mount Package, A Tape DIM, and tdcm, D. Capps

MTB-035, 1974-01-09, Design of a Dynamic Linker Running Outside Multics Security Kernel, Phillipe Janson

MTB-036, 1974-01-18, Multics Change Requests, M. Hodges

MTB-037, 1974-01-28, The Performance Problem, S. Webber

MTB-038, 1974-02-12, Proposed new mail and send_message commands, Peter Haber

MTB-039, 1974-02-06, Multics Change Requests, M. Hodges

MTB-040, 1974-02-06, A Unified Command Language, Robert A. Freiburghouse

MTB-041, 1974-02-12, Multics Change Requests Index, M. S. Hodges

MTB-042, 1974-02-12, Modifications to list, listnames, and listotals Commands, Thomas A. Casey

MTB-043, 1974-02-20, Multics Change Requests, M. S. Hodges

MTB-044, 1974-03-01, Multics Change Requests, M. S. Hodges

MTB-045, 1974-02-28, Addendum to MTB-034: Changed Calling Sequences, Dennis Capps

MTB-046, 1974-03-01, Software for Inter-System File Transfer, Robert S. Coren, Michael J. Grady

MTB-047, 1974-03-13, Additional Security Controls for Multics, Jerry Stern

MTB-048, 1974-03-05, Change to Configuration Cards, Noel I. Morris

MTB-049, 1974-03-15, Replacement for the Current TTYDIM/355 Software, R. B. Snyder

MTB-050, 1974-03-18, Multics Change Requests, M. S. Hodges

MTB-051, 1974-03-12, New Tape DCM, F. A. Canali

MTB-052, 1974-02-27, NPS/355 as the Front-end Processor for Multics, R. W. Franklin

MTB-053, 1974-03-20, A Unified Command Language (Revision 1), Robert A. Freiburghouse

MTB-054, 1974-03-21, Proposal for Multics Cache Software, Bernard S. Greenberg

MTB-055, 1974-03-12, The New Storage System - Overview, T. H. Van Vleck, Steven H. Webber, André Bensoussan

MTB-056, 1974-03-27, I/O Interfacer Design Specifications, Noel I. Morris

MTB-057, 1974-03-27, Proposed Modifications to the Multics Encapsulation of the GCOS System, R. R. Riedesel

MTB-058, 1974-04-01, Multics Change Requests, M. S. Hodges

MTB-059, 1974-04-02, Rules for and Responsibilities of PLM Editors, Steven H. Webber

MTB-060, 1974-04-05, New Storage System Paging Analysis, Steven H. Webber

MTB-061, 1974-05-15, New I/O System Features, M. Donald MacLaren

MTB-062, 1974-04-17, Multics Change Requests, M. S. Hodges

MTB-063, 1974-04-17, The Command Language Revisited, Robert A. Freiburghouse

MTB-064, 1974-04-16, Proposed Consolidation of Commands Which Deal with Extended Access, Peter Haber

MTB-065, 1974-04-19, A New Bound on the Performance of the Proposed New Storage System, David P. Reed

MTB-066, 1974-04-19, New Multics Scheduler Proposal, Steven H. Webber

MTB-067, 1974-05-02, Implementing Security Enhancements to the Interprocess Communication Facility, Douglas H. Hunt

MTB-068, 1974-04-23, An Generalized Sorting Facility, Ross Klinger

MTB-069, 1974-03-18, Backup Performance, Robert E. Mullen

MTB-070, 1974-05-01, New Mail Commands, Steve Herbst

MTB-071, 1974-05-02, Proposed New Syserr Codes, Bill Silver

MTB-072, 1974-05-01, Operator's Console Recovery, Bill Silver

MTB-073, 1974-05-06, Multics Change Requests, M. S. Hodges

MTB-074, 1974-05-07, I/O Buffer Management in Multics, Noel I. Morris, Bernard S. Greenberg

MTB-075, 1974-05-22, Considerations for Evaluating Multics Security Enhancements, John W. Gintell, Jerold C. Whitmore

MTB-076, 1974-05-14, The Tape Mount Package: Initial Version, Dennis Capps

MTB-077, 1974-05-15, MPM Documentation for I/O System, M. Donald MacLaren

MTB-078, 1974-05-14, Modifications to System Control Process for Security Enhancements, Paul A. Green

MTB-079, 1974-05-17, Security Access Controls - Potential Problems, Jerold C. Whitmore

MTB-080, 1974-05-28, Creating Special-Purpose Translators, Gary C. Dixon

MTB-081, 1974-05-02, Additional Storage System Security Controls, Andrew M. Kobziar

MTB-082, 1974-05-23, Multics Change Requests, M. S. Hodges

MTB-083, 1974-05-30, Solutions for Security Holes in Additional Storage Controls, Andrew M. Kobziar

MTB-084, 1974-05-31, Multics Change Requests, M. S. Hodges

MTB-085, 1974-06-01, New Message Commands, Steve Herbst

MTB-086, 1974-05-30, Proposal for a Subroutine to Find Matching ACL Names, Peter Haber

MTB-087, 1974-06-05, Multics Performance Goals for 1974, C. T. Clingen

MTB-088, 1974-06-06, Multics Change Requests Index, M. S. Hodges

MTB-089, 1974-06-07, Extending the Multics Security Kernel to Ring 1, Jerry Stern

MTB-090, 1974-06-10, Implementation of the ANSI Standard Tape I/O Module, Frank Canali, Gary C. Dixon, Ross Klinger, Janice Phillipps

MTB-091, 1974-06-17, Multics Change Requests, M. S. Hodges

MTB-092, 1974-06-27, Redefinition of "*", "." and Missing Components (Supersedes MTB-086), Peter Haber

MTB-093, 1974-06-20, The reduction_compiler and lex_string_, Gary C. Dixon

MTB-094, 1974-07-11, Runtime Parameter Checking, Melanie Weaver

MTB-095, 1974-06-26, Adding Support for Secure Removable Disk Packs to Multics, T. H. Van Vleck

MTB-096, 1974-07-01, Implementation of the IBM Standard Tape I/O Module, Frank Canali, Gary C. Dixon, Ross Klinger, Janice Phillipps

MTB-097, 1974-07-10, Multics Change Requests, M. S. Hodges

MTB-098, 1974-07-18, Multics Change Requests, M. S. Hodges

MTB-099, 1974-07-08, Description and Specification for an On-Line Bug File Editor, Ed Wallman

MTB-100, 1974-07-19, Multics Data Security and Access Control, Jerold C. Whitmore

MTB-101, 1974-07-22, Additional Access Controls for Message Segments, Jerry Stern

MTB-102, 1974-07-26, New runoff Command Written in PL/I, Dennis Capps

MTB-103, 1974-07-25, The Protection Audit Mechanisms for Multics, Lee Scheffler

MTB-104, 1974-06-18, Known Segment Table (KST) Change Proposal, Steven H. Webber

MTB-105, 1974-07-08, New Page Control Design Proposals, Steven H. Webber

MTB-106, 1974-07-30, A New Symbolic Debugger, Jeff Broughton

MTB-107, 1974-07-30, Extension to the Backup System, Grace Ackerman-Lewis

MTB-108, 1974-08-02, Multics Change Requests, M. S. Hodges

MTB-109, 1974-08-06, Multics Tape Facility, Bill Silver, Max Smith

MTB-110, 1974-08-07, Implementation of Proposed New Storage System, Thomas H. Van Vleck, Steve H. Webber, André Bensoussan

MTB-111, 1974-08-16, Multics Change Requests, M. S. Hodges

MTB-112, 1974-08-01, Consolidated Search Facility, Txom McGary

MTB-113, 1974-08-11, A Generalized Ready Message Program, Jay Goldman

MTB-114, 1974-09-04, Multics Change Requests Index, M. S. Hodges

MTB-115, 1974-09-05, Multics Change Requests, M. S. Hodges

MTB-116, 1974-09-16, Multics Change Requests, M. S. Hodges

MTB-117, 1974-09-19, Proposed I/O Facility for Spooling Off-line Printer Requests to Tape, Janice Phillipps

MTB-118, 1974-09-18, More on Protection Auditing, Lee Scheffler

MTB-119, 1974-10-10, Resource Control Package, Bill Silver

MTB-120, 1974-09-30, New probe Command, John W. Gintell

MTB-121, 1974-10-14, Multics Change Requests, M. S. Hodges

MTB-122, 1974-10-04, Mail Subroutines, Steve Herbst

MTB-123, 1974-09-23, Modifications to the status Command, Jerold C. Whitmore

MTB-124, 1974-09-23, Reporting Process Access Mode to the User, Jerold C. Whitmore

MTB-125, 1974-10-02, New list Command, Thomas A. Casey

MTB-126, 1974-10-12, Revision of Multics Performance Tests, Roger A. Roach

MTB-127, 1974-10-15, tape_ansi_ IO Module, Ross Klinger

MTB-128, 1974-10-21, Multics Change Requests, M. S. Hodges

MTB-129, 1974-10-29, I/O Daemon Modifications for the Access Isolation Mechanism, Jerry Stern, Jerold C. Whitmore

MTB-130, 1974-10-18, On the Cardreaderless Unified Bootload Tape, Bernard S. Greenberg

MTB-131, 1974-11-05, Multics Change Requests, Betsy Kerr

MTB-132, 1974-11-05, Multics Performance Test Results, Roger A. Roach

MTB-133, 1974-11-08, New Library Tools: library_map, library_print, library_descriptor, and multics_libraries_, Gary C. Dixon

MTB-134, 1974-11-06, New Library Tools: Design Principles, Gary C. Dixon

MTB-135, 1974-10-23, A Guide to Efficient PL/I Constructs in the Multics Environment, Richard A. Barnes

MTB-136, 1974-11-14, tape_mult_ I/O Module, Bill Silver

MTB-137, 1974-11-14, New Multics Graphics Package, Lee J. Scheffler

MTB-138, 1974-11-15, Multics Change Requests Index, Betsy Kerr

MTB-139, 1974-11-15, Multi-Segment Files, Steve Herbst

MTB-140, 1974-11-18, estimate_bill command, F. C. Smith

MTB-141, 1974-11-25, Multics Change Requests, Betsy Kerr

MTB-142, 1974-12-06, Multics Change Requests, Betsy Kerr

MTB-143, 1974-12-12, The Multics Card Input Facility, Stan Vestal

MTB-144, 1974-12-12, Restructuring of the I/O Daemon Driver Software, Jerold C. Whitmore

MTB-145, 1974-12-11, Reporting Status from Peripheral Devices, Noel I. Morris

MTB-146, 1974-12-13, Backup Performance Gains, Robert E. Mullen

MTB-147, 1975-01-10, Multics Database Management Facility, Oris D. Friesen

MTB-148, 1975-01-06, Multics Change Requests, Betsy Kerr

MTB-149, 1974-12-30, New list Command - Revision 1, Thomas A. Casey

MTB-150, 1974-11-26, A Proposal for Processes to be Used in the Supervisor, Robert F. Mabee

MTB-151, 1975-01-10, Improvements to the Answering Service, T. H. Van Vleck

MTB-152, 1975-01-13, Unattended Operation of Multics, T. H. Van Vleck

MTB-153, 1975-01-13, Indexing Multics Manuals, T. H. Van Vleck

MTB-154, 1974-12-12, A Proposal for Removing Name Space Management from Ring Zero., Richard G. Bratt

MTB-155, 1975-01-13, Changes to convert_date_to_binary_, Gary C. Dixon

MTB-156, 1975-01-21, Management of System Pool Storage, Stan Vestal

MTB-157, 1975-02-13, Document Standards, MPM Descriptions, G. J. Pillsbury

MTB-158, 1975-02-04, I/O Interfacer Access to Disk, Noel I. Morris

MTB-159, 1975-02-07, Multics Change Requests, Betsy Kerr

MTB-160, 1975-02-07, Multics Change Requests, Betsy Kerr

MTB-161, 1975-02-14, Multics Change Requests, Betsy Kerr

MTB-162, 1975-02-28, Multics Removable Disk I/O Module, J. A. Weeldreyer

MTB-163, 1975-02-03, Online T&D and Operator Interface, John Rhodes

MTB-164, 1975-03-03, Multics Change Requests, Betsy Kerr

MTB-165, 1975-03-03, New Runoff, Dennis Capps

MTB-166, 1975-03-03, New library_fetch command, Arlene Scherer

MTB-167, 1975-02-28, New Storage System Disk Usage, T. H. Van Vleck, André Bensoussan

MTB-168, 1975-03-03, New Command Processor Conventions, Steven H. Webber

MTB-169, 1975-03-07, Prelinking, Steven H. Webber

MTB-170, 1975-03-06, Page Multilevel, Bernard S. Greenberg, Steven H. Webber

MTB-171, 1975-03-05, Restructuring the Way the Answering Service Handles Terminals, Paul A. Green

MTB-172-04, 1975-03-12, Interim File Recovery: Backup to Disk., Ed Wallman

MTB-173, 1975-03-12, Proposed Changes to the Syserr Mechanism, Bill Silver, T. H. Van Vleck, David R. Vinograd

MTB-174, 1975-03-17, Multics Performance Test Results, Roger A. Roach

MTB-175, 1975-03-25, Proposal for a Graphic Editor, C. D. Tavares

MTB-176, 1975-03-19, Internal Entry Sequences in pl1_operators_, Richard A. Barnes

MTB-177, 1975-03-25, Multics Change Requests, Betsy Kerr

MTB-178, 1975-03-25, I/O Interfacer Specification Changes, Noel I. Morris

MTB-179, 1975-03-25, Sort/Merge Facility, Joel Berson, C. T. Clingen

MTB-180, 1975-03-31, New Functions and a New Name for the listacl Command, Bill Austell, Jerold C. Whitmore

MTB-181, 1975-03-26, enter_output_request, a Replacement for dprint/dpunch, Gary C. Dixon

MTB-182, 1975-04-07, Multics Change Requests Index, Betsy Kerr

MTB-183, 1975-04-10, Converting from ios_ to iox_, M. Donald MacLaren

MTB-184, 1975-04-19, Resource Control Package, Bill Silver

MTB-185, 1975-04-23, Handling System Conditions, Steven H. Webber

MTB-186, 1975-04-29, Proposed Redefinition of the Copy Switch, Steven H. Webber

MTB-187, 1975-04-23, Changes to Object Segment Format, Melanie Weaver

MTB-188, 1975-04-22, Location of Module Descriptions in the Various MPM Volumes, John W. Gintell

MTB-189, 1975-03-18, Initial Measurements of Cache Speed, J. H. Saltzer

MTB-190, 1975-04-28, Multics Change Requests, Joan Archer Scott

MTB-191, 1975-04-28, Multics Change Requests, Joan Archer Scott

MTB-192, 1975-04-08, Proposed User Interface for FAST, Susan Barr

MTB-193, 1975-05-19, Priority Scheduler, Robert E. Mullen, Thomas A. Casey

MTB-194, 1975-05-08, A Random Word Generator for Multics, Paul A. Green

MTB-195, 1975-05-08, Technical Paper Describing MCS, Warren Johnson, John W. Gintell

MTB-196, 1975-05-13, Multics Change Requests, Joan Archer Scott

MTB-197, 1975-04-11, GCOS Simulator Restart at the Activity Level, R. H. Morrison, D. A. Kayden

MTB-198-01, 1975-05-22, New Hardcore Primitives, Steven H. Webber

MTB-199, 1975-05-30, Multics Change Requests, Joan Archer Scott

MTB-200, 1975-05-30, Multics Change Requests, Joan Archer Scott

MTB-201, 1975-06-01, New Version of the Help Command, T. H. Van Vleck

MTB-202, 1975-06-04, User Interface for FAST, Susan Barr

MTB-203, 1975-06-26, Attributes of a Good Backup System, David R. Vinograd

MTB-204, 1975-06-17, Escape Conventions for Correspondence Code 2741's, M. J. Grady

MTB-205, 1975-06-23, Multics Change Requests, Joan Archer Scott

MTB-206, 1975-06-18, SAVE and RESTOR for New Storage System, T. H. Van Vleck

MTB-207, 1975-06-27, Proposed Change to the PL/I Argument List, Richard A. Barnes

MTB-208, 1975-06-30, Multics Performance Test Results as of System 25.7, Roger A. Roach

MTB-209, 1975-07-08, Design of tape_in, tape_out Enhancements, Janice B. Phillipps

MTB-210, 1975-07-07, Adding a "Property List" to the Branch, T. H. Van Vleck

MTB-211, 1975-07-24, Multics Change Requests, Joan Archer Scott

MTB-212, 1975-07-24, Multics Change Requests, Joan Archer Scott

MTB-213, 1975-07-24, NSS Disk Definition, Bernard S. Greenberg

MTB-214, 1975-08-01, New Message Facility, Steve Herbst

MTB-215, 1975-07-24, Handling Subroutine Errors, T. H. Van Vleck

MTB-216, 1975-07-15, New calendar_clock active function, Gary C. Dixon

MTB-217, 1975-08-01, Multics Change Requests, Joan Archer Scott

MTB-218, 1975-08-04, Multics Performance Test Results as of System 26.1, Roger A. Roach

MTB-219, 1975-08-08, A New Area Management Mechanism, Steven H. Webber

MTB-220, 1975-10-10, New Storage System: Data Recovery (Part 1 -salvaging), A. Kobziar

MTB-221, 1975-09-03, New Storage System Salvager Implementation, A. Kobziar

MTB-222, 1975-09-08, A file_copy command, Ross Klinger, Gary C. Dixon

MTB-223, 1975-09-15, Multics Performance Test Results as of System 26.4a, Roger A. Roach

MTB-224, 1975-09-26, Multics Change Requests, Joan Archer Scott

MTB-225, 1975-09-26, Multics Change Requests, Joan Archer Scott

MTB-226, 1975-09-29, Multics Change Requests, Joan Archer Scott

MTB-227, 1977-09-29, Documentation for Library Tools, The Library Maintenance PLM, Gary C. Dixon, Peter Kelley

MTB-228, 1975-10-03, Multics Change Requests, Joan Archer Scott

MTB-229, 1975-10-08, Use of Demountable Logical Volumes, T. H. Van Vleck, Bill Silver

MTB-230, 1975-10-15, Multics Change Requests, Joan Archer Scott

MTB-231, 1975-10-22, Proposed vfile_ Extensions for Fortran/Basic I/O, Mike Asherman

MTB-232, 1975-10-27, Extensible Command Language for Use on Multics, Jeff Broughton

MTB-233, 1976-01-28, New Storage System Backup, David R. Vinograd

MTB-234, 1975-11-04, New Strategy for Conversion of Terminal Output, Robert S. Coren

MTB-235, 1975-11-07, Revision of MTB-209: tape_in, tape_out, Janice B. Phillipps

MTB-236, 1975-11-11, An Extension to the Multics Condition Mechanism, Jerry Stern

MTB-237, 1975-12-03, Overview of the New Storage System, André Bensoussan

MTB-238, 1975-11-18, Contents of Initial New Storage System at MIT, T. H. Van Vleck

MTB-239, 1975-11-18, Storage System Error Recovery, T. H. Van Vleck

MTB-240, 1975-11-24, Multics Change Requests, Joan Archer Scott

MTB-241, 1975-11-26, Multics Change Requests, Joan Archer Scott

MTB-242, 1975-11-24, Multics Change Requests, Joan Archer Scott

MTB-243, 1975-12-19, Changes to User Ring Programs for New Storage System, T. H. Van Vleck

MTB-244, 1975-12-12, Multics Change Requests, Joan Archer Scott

MTB-245, 1975-11-03, Multics Performance Test Results as of System 27.1, Roger A. Roach

MTB-246, 1975-12-15, List Command Changes for New Storage System, Thomas A. Casey

MTB-247, 1975-12-25, Answering Service Changes for Auto Call, David M. Jordan

MTB-248, 1976-01-26, FAST - a Multics Oriented Subsystem, Susan Barr

MTB-249, 1976-01-16, Multics Change Requests, Joan Archer Scott

MTB-250, 1975-10-28, Prelinking, Richard Bratt

MTB-251, 1976-01-22, Canonicalization of Terminal Input, Robert S. Coren

MTB-252, 1976-01-20, Multics Performance Test Results as of System 27.6, Roger A. Roach

MTB-253, 1976-02-03, Release 2 of the Multics Sort/Merge, Joel Berson

MTB-254, 1976-01-27, Plans for the Obsolescence, Unwiring, and Eventual Removal of the DST, Noel I. Morris

MTB-255, 1975-11-03, Multics Performance Test Results as of System 27.1, Roger A. Roach

MTB-256, 1976-01-27, Multics Change Requests, Joan Archer Scott

(title page only)

MTB-257, 1976-01-19, Proposed New Form of Link, Steven H. Webber

MTB-258, 1976-02-11, The Implementation of Indexed Files in Multics, M. Donald MacLaren

MTB-259, 1976-02-23, MCS Problems with Input Interruptions, Mike Grady

MTB-260, 1976-02-24, Interim Version of Mount and Demount for Disk Volumes, T. H. Van Vleck, Bill Silver

MTB-261, 1976-02-16, Master Directory Control, Larry Johnson

MTB-262, 1976-02-25, New Strategy for Conversion of Terminal Input, Robert S. Coren

MTB-263, 1976-02-27, Multics Change Requests, Joan Archer Scott

MTB-264, 1976-02-27, Multics Change Requests, Joan Archer Scott

MTB-265, 1976-03-09, Multics HEALS II, Phase 2, R. H. Morrison, A. R. Downing

MTB-266, 1976-03-12, Removing Directory Control from the Security Kernel, André Bensoussan

MTB-267, 1976-03-08, Multics Performance Test Results as of System 28.0, Roger A. Roach

MTB-268, 1976-03-17, Multics Change Requests, Betsy Kerr

MTB-269, 1976-03-30, vfile_ Changes for Release 4.0, M. Asherman

MTB-270, 1976-04-05, MCR's 3/16 - 31/76, Betsy Kerr

MTB-271, 1976-04-15, Implementation of the Multics Data Base Manager, Oris D. Friesen, Roger Lackey, Dick Luebke, Jim Weeldreyer

MTB-272, 1976-04-15, Multics Relational Data Store, Oris D. Friesen, Roger D. Lackey, Dick Luebke, Jim Weeldreyer

MTB-273, 1976-04-15, Multics Integrated Data Store, James Falksen, Oris D. Friesen, Roger D. Lackey, Dick Luebke, Jim Weeldreyer

MTB-274, 1976-04-21, MCR's, Betsy Kerr

MTB-275, 1976-04-30, MCR Index, Betsy Kerr

index of MCRs 1-1814

MTB-276, 1976-05-10, Approved MCR's from April 16 - 30, 1976, Betsy Kerr

MTB-277, 1976-05-13, Multics Change Requests (Phoenix), Joan Archer Scott

MTB-278, 1976-04-30, Multics Performance Test Results as of System 28.3, Grace E. Ackerman-Lewis

MTB-279, 1976-05-18, A Multics Usage and Revenue Report, Jim Homan

MTB-280, 1976-06-01, Approved MCR's from May 1 - 15, Joan Archer Scott

MTB-281, 1976-06-08, Approved MCR's from May 16 - 30, Joan Archer Scott

MTB-282, 1976-03-24, Multics Remote Concentrator, R. J. Adsit

MTB-283, 1976-03-24, Multics Support of IBM Binary Synchronous Communications, R. J. Adsit

MTB-284, 1976-06-23, Approved MCR's, Joan Archer Scott

MTB-285, 1976-06-30, Multics Change Requests, Joan Archer Scott

MTB-286, 1976-07-05, Nulled Addresses, Deciduous Segments, Etc.; A Primer in the Page-and-Segment Newspeak of NSS, Bernard S. Greenberg

MTB-287, 1976-07-07, MCR Index, Joan Archer Scott

MTB-288, 1976-07-09, LRK, a Translator Construction System, James Falksen, Dave Ward

MTB-289, 1976-07-13, Approved MCR's, Joan Archer Scott

MTB-290, 1976-07-16, Increased User Control Over Terminal Behavior, Robert S. Coren

MTB-291, 1976-07-22, Draft Programming and Documentation Guide, Ellie Stone, John W. Gintell, Steven H. Webber

MTB-292, 1976-06-28, A New Pointer Conversion Routine, Gary C. Dixon

MTB-293, 1976-07-30, Improved Directory Hash Table, Susan E. Barr

MTB-294, 1976-07-30, Multics Change Requests, Joan Archer Scott

MTB-295, 1976-08-04, Very Distant Host Protocol for Multics, R. W. Franklin

MTB-296, 1976-07-27, Directory Owners, T. H. Van Vleck

(never implemented)

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(title page only)

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(never implemented)

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(never implemented)

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The present paper is a case history look at the development of the Multics System from a management point of view.

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Features of the Multics system programming process lead to high programmer productivity with high software reliability. Other workers' predictions of increasing difficulty of system maintenance with time have not been observed; reasons for this are investigated.

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MTB-608, 1983-01-25, MR10.2 Multics Mail System Extensions, Gary M. Palter

MTB-609, 1983-01-26, More on improvements to the Multics search facility, Ed Wallman

MTB-610, 1983-01-31, A Multics Tutorial, Jim Siwila

MTB-611, 1983-02-04, Data Management File Commands, André Bensoussan

MTB-612, 1983-03-16, Command Environment Extensions, Gregory A. Baryza

MTB-613, 1983-06-01, Multics Mail System Programmer's Reference Manual, Gary M. Palter

MTB-614-01, 1983-06-29, The Mail Table, Revision 1, Barry Margolin, Gary M. Palter

MTB-615, 1983-03-06, A mechanism for managing extended objects, Jay Pattin

MTB-616, 1983-03-09, Date/time system (1) Issues, James A. Falksen, Gary C. Dixon

MTB-617-03, 1984-07-02, Date/time system (2) Commands and subroutines, James A. Falksen, Gary C. Dixon

MTB-618, 1983-03-14, Date/time system (3) Site tailoring, James A. Falksen, Gary C. Dixon

MTB-619, 1983-03-04, Video System Plans for the Foreseeable Future, William M. York

MTB-620, 1983-03-23, Data Management: Published MTB's, André Bensoussan

MTB-621, 1983-05-11, An Architecture for End User Data Access, Roger D. Lackey, L. A. Dupuis, Ron Harvey, Ron Barstad, Noah S. Davids, Mike Kubicar, David J. Schimke, Craig L. Senft, Paul W. Benjamin

MTB-622, 1983-05-23, Multics Automated Support System, Rich Fawcett

MTB-623, 1983-05-25, A Menu Interface for Multics, Noah S. Davids

MTB-624, 1983-06-23, analyze_multics: A Multics address space translator/analyzer., Bonnie Braun

The contents of this MTB outlines a tool intended to be used for the analysis of a Multics address space. This tool, analyze_multics, is intended to replace ol_dump and ifd.

MTB-625, 1983-05-27, The SSF and Multics, Rich Coppola

MTB-626, 1983-06-07, The config deck editor for Bootload Multics, Keith Loepere

MTB-627, 1983-07-07, Subroutines for Generating Object Segments, Benson I. Margulies

MTB-628, 1983-07-13, This MTB address issues concerning the support of the operators' system interface in a post MR10.1 environment., Edward A. Ranzenbach

A recent RPQ effort has identified a need to review the operator's console device control module for the purposes of providing a means of changing bootload consoles without interrupting user service. During this review several problems were discovered with the device control module, ocdcm_, the most serious causing the processor handling an interrupt from the console to loop, masked, in ring zero until the operation completes. If this operation is a read, the termination status being looped on can take as long as thirty seconds to arrive. The processor, and process, servicing this interrupt are effectively unresponsive for this period. Due to problems such as this it was decided that a complete redesign of ocdcm_ was needed.

MTB-629, 1983-07-21, A new argument processing technique for commands and requests., Lindsey Leroy Spratt

MTB-630, 1983-07-28, Dipper T&D on Multics, Rick Fakoury

MTB-631, 1983-08-23, Bootload Multics Task List, Keith Loepere, Thomas A. Casey

MTB-632, 1983-09-16, Pascal Symbol Tables, Melanie Weaver, Jean-Michel Athane

MTB-634, 1983-10-11, Data Management: System Shutdown, Lee A. Newcomb

MTB-635, 1983-10-19, Management of Large Physical Disk Drives - an Overview, Benson I. Margulies

MTB-636, 1983-11-09, Executive Service, User Interface, Noah S. Davids

MTB-637, 1983-12-20, Executive Service, High Level Design, Noah S. Davids

MTB-639, 1983-11-15, Data Management: Error Handling, Matthew C. Pierret

MTB-640, 1983-11-28, Reconfiguration Extended, Chris Jones

MTB-641, 1983-12-20, The View Manager Facility, Paul W. Benjamin, Ron Harvey, L. A. Dupuis

MTB-642, 1983-12-21, The View Manager Facility: View Manager Subroutine Interface, Roger Lackey, Ron Harvey

MTB-643, 1983-12-20, The View Manager Facility: View Master Subsystem, L. A. Dupuis

MTB-644, 1983-12-20, The View Manager Facility: SQL Parser, Ron Barstad

MTB-645, 1983-12-20, The View Manager Facility: Data Dictionary Interface, Mike Kubicar

MTB-646, 1983-12-19, Command Argument Processing (CAP): An Overview, Gary C. Dixon

MTB-647, 1984-01-23, Multics C Compiler Specification, Gregory A. Baryza

MTB-648, 1984-02-21, Improvements to Subsystem Metering, Gary M. Palter

MTB-649, 1984-02-17, A B2 Security Evaluation for Multics, Benson I. Margulies

After many years of apparent disinterest in computer security, the DoD has established a Computer Security Center. This Center has published a "Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria," and is in the process of evaluating several computer systems. The Criteria set out requirements for functionality, documentation, and configuration management for systems at various levels of security or trust. This MTB briefly describes the evaluation process, and goes on to discuss the results to date of the Multics evaluation, including system changes necessary to reach the B2 level of the Criteria.

MTB-650, 1984-02-28, Proposal to Reorganize the MCR Board, Paul W. Benjamin, Chris Jones, Mike Kubicar, Matt Pierret

MTB-651, 1984-03-15, Bootload Multics Phase 1, Keith Loepere

MTB-652, 1984-03-15, New Initialization SDN, Keith Loepere

MTB-653, 1984-04-02, Video Futures: Near Term Plans For The Multics Video System, Jon A. Rochlis

MTB-654, 1984-04-23, Extensions to menu_, Noah S. Davids

MTB-655, 1984-05-07, Multics Software Development Guide: An Outline, Gary C. Dixon

MTB-656-01, 1984-08-08, Reorganizing/Rewriting Administration and Maintenance Documentation, Karen MacKenzie

MTB-657, 1984-05-11, Limited Subsystems for the Hierarchy and Volume Backup Dumpers, Benson I. Margulies

MTB-658, 1984-06-04, Executive Mail, MR11 Extensions, David J. Schimke

MTB-659-01, 1984-07-10, message facility, Jim Lippard

MTB-660-01, 1984-08-20, New Pattern-Matching Routines Via Regular Expressions, Gregory A. Baryza

MTB-661-03, 1986-01-25, Executive Forum User Interface, Lynda J. Adams

MTB-662, 1984-07-02, A B2 Security Evaluation for Multics - Revised, Maria M. Pozzo, Benson I. Margulies

This documents the current status of the Multics Security Evaluation.

MTB-663-03, 1986-03-12, Management of the on-line communication between the Maintenance Channel Adapter (MCA), located within the Integrated Multiplexer Unit (IMU), and Multics., Rich Fawcett, Paul Farley

This MTB describes the plans for attaching and controlling communication between a Multics process and an MCA for performing various functions. These will include reading the current IMU configuration state, reading selected information from one of the two internal IMU diskette devices and performing Integrated Peripheral Controller (IPC) functions (once the IPC has also been attached).

All attachments will be performed by calls through the mca_ gate in ring_1, which will then call rcp_ to perform the actual attachment. No attachment or I/O to MCAs or IPCs will be allowed outside of ring_1. This will force all calls to ioi_ for the I/O operations to be executed from the ring_1 mca programs.

This interface will allow simple and secure access to information contained in the IMU.

This is the third revision of MTB663. This revision defines the security auditing trail, and now reflects the current implementation of the interface. It carries change bars as related to revision 02.

MTB-664, 1984-07-02, Design Documentation for the TCB, Maria M. Pozzo

The Criteria requires design documentation that describes how the TCB enforces the security policy of the system, as described in the DTLS. It further requires a complete and accurate description of the interface between the TCB modules and the TCB protection mechanisms. This document identifies an interim plan towards satisfying this requirement. It further describes what needs to be done to completely fulfill the requirements set out by the Criteria. This MTB, in addition to informing the Multics community of its contents, serves as formal notification to the DOD Security Evaluation Team, informing them of Honeywell's plans for both an interim and final plan for Multics design documentation.

MTB-665, 1984-05-18, Implement a deadproc request for analyze_multics, Bonnie Braun

MTB-666, 1984-07-04, New Logging Facilities, W. Olin Sibert

MTB-667, 1984-07-06, A Partial Solution to Limitations on Quota, Benson I. Margulies

MTB-668, 1984-07-18, The Report Writer Subroutine Interface, report_writer_, L. A. Dupuis

MTB-669, 1984-07-23, Summary of Discussion on MTB-656 (Reorganizing/Rewriting Administration and Maintenance Documentation), Karen MacKenzie

MTB-670-01, 1984-08-28, Moving the PNT to Ring 1, Eric J. Swenson, Benson I. Margulies

MTB-671-01, 1984-09-21, A Method to Extend the Multics File System, Michael A. Pandolf

MTB-672, 1984-08-27, Re-write of any_to_any_, Tom Oke

MTB-673, 1984-08-16, Adaptive Disk Optimization, Tom Oke

MTB-674, 1984-08-09, Removing Volume Registration from Operator Control, Ed Sharpe

MTB-675-01, 1984-10-16, A File Transfer System for the XMODEM and IBM PC-to-PC, Maureen Mallmes

MTB-676-01, 1984-09-14, Kermit File Transfer Protocol, Maureen Mallmes

MTB-677, 1984-09-10, The Report Writer Subroutine Interface Design Issues, L. A. Dupuis

MTB-679, 1984-10-23, Security Audit Trails, Benson I. Margulies

MTB-680, 1984-11-12, Identification and Authentication of Operators, Benson I. Margulies

MTB-681-01, 1984-11-21, Restructuring Directory Control, Keith Loepere

MTB-682-01, 1985-04-09, Modifications to RCP access controls - Revision 1, Maria M. Pozzo

MTB-683, 1984-10-09, Fortran Typeless Functions Specification., Michael H. Mabey

MTB-684, 1984-10-09, Answering Service Bump Request, R. Michael Tague

MTB-685-01, 1984-11-12, Version 5 Message Segments, Benson I. Margulies

MTB-686, 1984-10-25, Improving the Security of SAC and the Admin Password, Benson I. Margulies

MTB-687, 1984-10-19, Fortran Hexadecimal Floating Point Support., Hal Hoover

MTB-688-03, 1985-04-26, Multics C Implementation Specification, Douglas Howe

MTB-689-03, 1986-08-20, The C Runtime System on Multics, Douglas Howe

This MTB describes the C runtime library as it will be implemented on Multics. It is expected to be a complete list of the runtime library available from System V Release 2.0(1)

Changes within this MTB will be marked with change bars.

Revision 3: Changes include a complete list of the runtime routines to be available with the C compiler.

MTB-691-02, 1985-11-27, Multics C Execution Environment Specification, Douglas Howe

MTB-692, 1984-11-07, A New Ring-0 Auditing Mechanism, Ed Sharpe

MTB-693, 1984-11-11, Improving the Security of Multics IPC, Eric J. Swenson

MTB-694, 1984-11-12, ssu_ System Control and iox_ Message Coordinator, Benson I. Margulies

MTB-695, 1984-11-12, Rewrite the System Math Routines, Betty Wong

MTB-696, 1984-12-07, Covert Channel Analysis, Keith Loepere

MTB-697-01, 1985-01-08, Improving the security of Message Coordinator input, Benson I. Margulies

MTB-698, 1985-01-09, B2 Answering Service Auditing Changes, Eric J. Swenson

MTB-699, 1985-01-15, Messages from privileged processes to user processes, Benson I. Margulies

MTB-700-01, 1985-01-22, Allowing system privilege setting in ring 1, Benson I. Margulies

MTB-701-01, 1986-01-28, Executive Mail, MR12 Extensions, J. K. Blair

MTB-703, 1985-02-28, HASP Workstation Console Support, Jim Homan, W. Olin Sibert

MTB-706, 1985-04-04, Avoiding Ring 0 Audit of Ring 1 TCB file system operations, Benson I. Margulies

MTB-708, 1985-05-23, Local Echo Negotiation, Barry Margolin

MTB-709, 1985-05-07, The mrds_call command as an active function, Jean Blair

MTB-710, 1985-05-23, Multi System and Language Support, Betty Wong

MTB-711-03, 1986-04-04, Object Multi-Segment Files, Dean Elhard

This MTB addresses the problem of creating packages which are too large to fit into a single object segment but which have large amounts of call traffic between code modules. It proposes a method of creating a multi-segment executable object (Object MSF) which can be treated as a single entity for the purposes of execution, and file system operations. Object MSFs would resolve inter-component links without use of the dynamic linker, and would allow the elimination of external definitions and entrypoints which should remain internal interfaces.

Revision 1: Modified external entry mechanism to enter via component 0 transfer vector; introduced deferred initialization type.

Revision 2: Modified external entry mechanism to have the dynamic linker indirect through partially snapped links to get actual target of definition to remedy problems with non-entry definitions.

Revision 3: Modified to change names and address issues raised by MCRB.

MTB-712, 1985-05-15, Policy and Procedures for Software Integration., Richard A. Holmstedt, Gary Johnson, F. W. Martinson, F. W. Martinson

MTB-713, 1985-05-17, MR11 Configuration Management, Benson I. Margulies

MTB-714, 1985-06-22, A Remote Window System Protocol for Multics, Jon Rochlis

MTB-715, 1985-05-28, MRDS Restructuring Subsystem Changes, Charles Spitzer, Thanh Nguyen

MTB-716-02, 1986-08-12, Multics Configuration Management: Tracking Software, Lynda J. Adams

Configuration Management is the management of changes to systems. MTB-713, "MR11 Configuration Management", describes our current procedures for proposing, reviewing, implementing, installing and tracking software changes. MTB-712, "Policy and Procedures for Software Integration", describes procedures for software installation in more detail.

In reviewing these procedures, the Multics B2 Evaluation Team found several shortcomings. This MTB briefly describes the shortcomings, and proposes minor changes to the Multics configuration management process to correct them.

Revision 1 includes enhancements to the history_comment command writeup, marked with change bars.

Revision 2 includes some significant changes to the history_comment command control arguments. The entire command is marked with change bars.

MTB-717, 1985-08-01, MRDS Model Manager, Charles Spitzer

MTB-718, 1986-06-06, Multics Linkage Editor Specification, Dean Elhard

This MTB will supply the specifications for the new Multics Link Editor mentioned in MTB 688 and MTB 691.

Revision 1: Revised ocu_ subroutine interface, and linkage editor command interface.

Revision 2: Revides to change terminology regarding object multisegment files.

MTB-719, 1985-08-01, MRDS Rework/Cleanup, L. A. Dupuis

MTB-724, 1985-08-01, MRDS scope mechanism, Jim Lippard

MTB-729, 1985-08-28, BFP and HFP Basic Mathematical Functions, Hal Hoover, L. A. Dupuis

MTB-730, 1985-10-21, Data Management: Consistent File Save and Restore, Lee A. Newcomb

MTB-731-01, 1986-03-25, FIPS Disk Support, Rich Fawcett

This MTB describes the plans for supporting the FIPS disk drives on the Multics File System. The FIPS disk are MSU3380 and MSU3390, these are IBM devices 3380D and 3380E respectively. This plan will allow support of any large disk with the correct format and PSIA hardware interface. The two problems addressed are: disk size too large for volume map, and the performance of the hardware read-alter-rewrite (RAR). These problems are solved by dividing the large disk into "subvolumes" and eliminating 64 word IO to these drives.

This is the first revision, and reflects the results of the proto-type code testing. Also minor problems were found and corrected. This revision has change bars to indicate the changes from the original MTB.

MTB-732-03, 1986-06-24, Changes Required to Hardcore by C, Douglas Howe

This MTB describes the changes to hardcore required by C to install heap variables.

Revision 1: Changes made in this revision correct the initialization of the stack header and are marked with change bars.

Revision 2: The changes made reflect the comments made on MCR 7395 and MCR 7396. The changes also include the description of list_heap_variables.

Revision 3: The changes made for this revision reflect amendments to MCR 7426 and MCR 7421.

MTB-733-03, 1986-05-16, Changes Required to the Command Processor by C, Douglas Howe

This MTB describes the changes to the command_processor_ and to cu_ required by C in order to obtain the command name for Argv[0].

Revision 3 The changes made reflect the amendments to MCR 7375 (P612).

MTB-734-02, 1986-11-06, The Implementation of Features to Allow ALM to Support C, Rick Gray

This MTB describes features to be added to ALM to allow it to be used as an intermediary by various compilers. These features are:

  • The addition of a subroutine interface to ALM that will allow language translators to invoke the assembler directly.
  • The ability to specify initialization information for external variables.
  • Support for a new class of type 5 links called *heap links.
  • The ability to generate text section entry sequences that are usable by probe.

MTB-735, 1986-04-24, The Implications of Archive Component Support for Multics Languages, Rick Gray

This MTB proposes the addition of support to languages for accessing sources that are components of archives. The MTB is intended for language and related utility developers/maintainers. The MTB focusses on (a) adding support for explicit archive component pathnames, (b) defining and adding support for a new implicit archive component pathname convention, and (c) discussing the implications/effects of (a) and (b) on language use of source segments.

MTB-736, 1986-07-08, Additional Subroutine Documentation, Kevin P. Fleming

This MTB contains documentation for various external subroutine interfaces that are not currently documented in AG93-05. An MCR will follow to include this documentation in the MR 12.0 release of AG93.

MTB-737, 1986-02-03, Dipper Documentation, Rich Fawcett

MTB-738-03, 1986-11-13, Changes Required to list_init_, Douglas Howe

This MTB describes the changes required to list_init_ to allow external pointers to be initialized to nonconstant values.

MTB-739, 1986-02-27, System's Development and Support Facilities, Lee A. Newcomb

MTB-740, 1986-04-04, Multics Online Work Station Environment (MOWSE) Overview, Jim Gee, Michael Flegel

This MTB presents the functional specifications of a Multics Online Work Station Environment (MOWSE) package for Multics and IBM-PC compatibles running MS-DOS.

MTB-741-04, 1986-11-05, MOWSE - Design Commands and Subroutines, Michael Flegel

This document provides an overview of the MOWSE environment and the user interface.

MTB-742-02, 1986-11-11, MOWSE - Background File Transfer (BFT) Facility, Charles Rohs, Derek Eichele

This document provides an overview of the Background File Transfer facility and user interface, which uses the Multics Online Work Station Environment (MOWSE).

MTB-743, 1986-04-09, MOWSE - Personal Computer File Backup (PCFB) Facility, Edward C. Brunelle, L. A. Dupuis, Ron Barstad, Ed Wallman

This MTB describes a file backup and restore facility for a Personal Computer (PC) using a Multics system as the file storage medium. This facility uses the Multics Online Work Station Environment (MOWSE).

MTB-744-01, 1986-11-15, MOWSE - Workstation Terminal Manager, Edward C. Brunelle

This MTB presents an overview of the features and tentative design of the keyboard/screen manager for use on a MOWSE work- station.

MTB-745-01, 1986-06-05, Add Save/Restore to the BCE command set., Paul Farley

This MTB describes the Bootload Multics (BCE) version of the physical volume save/restore. This is part of the continuing enhancement of the BCE command set to pickup those BOS functions that are still required now that BOS is being phased out.

This MTB only deals with saving/restoring to/from tape. Disk to disk copying is done by using the BCE copy_disk command, written by Keith Loepere and not covered by this MTB.

This is the first revision of MTB745. It reflects changes made thus far in the design. Also contained in this version is a documentation appendix with several sub-sections, containing the subsystem info segments and the others describing the documentation changes required to the manuals.

MTB-746-02, 1986-10-01, Network accounting software, Edward C. Brunelle

This MTB describes new software and Answering Service changes to support charging processes for DSA usage. Central to these changes is a new subroutine network_accounting_ and a table >sc1>network_accounting_table, managed via vfile_, that records current process use of DSA channels.

This revision adds another entry to the Answering Service accounting entrypoints which will be used to initialize network accounting on system bootload.

MTB-747-03, 1986-06-23, New warn and inactivity software, Steve Herbst

Interference between the current warn facility (blast messages) and the video system makes it necessary to redesign the mechanism used by the Answering Service "blast" interface. This change, in turn, makes it also necessary to redesign the bump-for-inactivity feature that logs users out for inactivity.

MTB-748, 1986-04-02, Overview of the New Multics Networking Architecture, anonymous

An overview of the new Multics Networking Architecture (MNA) is presented. This includes an overview of the changes to be made for the user interface, changes to the administrative system, and internal Multics support changes. This is meant to be an introduction to the networking architecture and its terminology and serves as a prerequisite for understanding future MTBs.

MTB-749, 1986-04-02, A New IPC Channel Type: The Async Call Channel, anonymous

A new type of IPC event channel is described, the asynchronous event call channel. The handlers for these new channels can be invoked whether or not the owning process is blocked. A new interface is also described for creating event channels.

MTB-750, 1986-06-25, MC Changes for DSA, Maggie Sharpe, Stan Cox

This MTB proposes changes to Message Coordinator (MC) software to support DSA channels. There are two major sets of changes. The bulk of the change is the introduction of virtual channels. Several MC commands must be modified to recognize and operate on virtual channels. The smaller changes involves creation of pending entries in the mc_anstbl.

Virtual channels are accessed through the use of "-operator" and "-virtual_channel <virtual channel name>" control arguments to the "login" pre-access command. Only the login_server is made to accept these control arguments, thus they are only available through DSA connections. MTB-751, The MNA Answering Service Modifications, and MTB-752, Network Login Servers, may be referenced for more details in this area.

MTB-751, 1986-07-01, Multics Networking Architecture Answering Service Changes, Eric J. Swenson

This MTB describes proposed changes to the Answering Service to accommodate the Multics Networking Architecture (MNA). Under the new architecture, the responsibility of managing communications channels is removed from the Initializer process and delegated to a set of Login Server processes. The Initializer retains the function of the Identification and Authentication (I&A) of user requests to access Multics, as well as such functions as process manipulation. This MTB documents the new and changed Initializer process software which supports the MNA. In particular, the Answering Service support of the Login Server processes is described in detail.

MTB-752, 1986-05-01, Network Login Servers, Robert S. Coren

This MTB describes the design for a type of process that functions as a "login server" for a particular set of network endpoints. Such a process has ultimate control of all the connections to those endpoints, engages in all pre-access dialogue, and assigns the connections to user processes as appropriate. This relieves the Initializer process of the necessity of learning how to communicate with each network as it comes along; the functions of user validation and process creation, which must continue to be performed by the Initializer, are separated from those of communications channel management. A protocol has been developed for communication between the Initializer and the login servers, so that the servers can request the creation of processes, find out process IDs, be notified of process terminations in order to clean up all connections, etc.

The login server itself will not be part of the standard Multics system in MR12; it will only be included in the DSA package marketed by Bull. Its implementation, however, requires some modifications to standard system software, and these modifications are planned for MR12. Most notable among them are extensions to are extensions to the answering service and the message coordinator; these modifications are referred to in this MTB, and described in greater detail in MTBs 750 and 751.

MTB-753-02, 1986-07-10, Multiplexing Control Points in a Process, Gary M. Palter, Stan Cox

This MTB proposes changes to support simple user ring tasking. Control points are sub-process entities whose execution can be interleaved. The proposal includes general descriptions of commands and subroutines to manipulate tasks, and changes to the system to deal with the more complex environment.

MTB-754, 1986-07-22, A New tssi_ Interface to Obtain Translator Files., Rick Gray

This MTB describes a possible new interface to the system routine tssi_ that will be used by languages that access source, object, and listing files. It describes two new entrypoints and an information structure that will be used to access these files.

MTB-755, 1986-08-06, A new SSU Command deck_file_manger, Rick Fakoury

This document describes the design and implementation of a new subsystem that will provide a user interface to tools necessary to maintain a T&D deckfile. This new subsystem will replace the functionality provided by the existing load_tandd_library command and provide a number of new functions that will aide in the maintaining and updating of the deck file.

MTB-756, 1986-08-29, Video Support for MOWSE, Ron Barstad

A description of the functionality and external interfaces of Multics software to support video mode within the Multics Online WorkStation Environment (MOWSE).

MTB-757-01, 1986-10-20, ALM Symbol Table Support, Rick Gray

This MTB describes features to be added to the ALM assembler that will be of interest to ALM programmers and those compiler writers who are using ALM as an intermediary. The features will include the ability to:

  • position text entry sequences,
  • specify more information in text entry sequences,
  • create a full or partial symbol table for debugging.

These features will provide the assembler with symbolic debugging information that will be organized into a format known to probe and debug. The information will be supplied to the assembler using two new pseudo operators. These pseudo operators are described in this MTB and will allow the programmer or compiler writer to provide the assembler with information for the symbolic debugging of ALM programs. Note that this document does not describe any mechanism for the explicit specification of statement map information.

Thanks to Ward Anderson who has done most of the work on symbol table support for ALM.

MTB-758, 1986-11-28, Video Support for DSA, Gary C. Dixon

This MTB describes the interface between the Multics Video System and the communications system which is part of the Honeywell Distributed Systems Architecture (DSA) protocols.

MTB-760, 1987-08-06, Privileged Commands and Subroutines, Mary Crawford

MTB-761, 1987-01-05, Multics C Overview, Doug Robinson

MTB-762, 1987-03-30, C Runtime Extensions, Douglas Howe

MTB-763-03, 1987-07-09, Multics Command Level I/O redirection (pipes), G. William May

MTB-764, 1987-05-21, Changes to the sys_log_ Subroutine, Gary Dixon

MTB-765, 1987-08-07, Multics DSA Network Administration Guide, Mary Crawford

MTB-766, 1987-08-07, Multics DSA Unified File Transfer Facility Reference Guide, Mary Crawford

MTB-767, 1987-11-05, System V CURSES Port, Douglas Howe

MTB-769, 1987-10-14, Implementing Internet Protocol on Multics, John Hunter

MTB-770, 1987-11-05, MRDS DSL Query Language Changes, John Hergert

MTBs since 2015, 2023-08-29, Post-Honeywell MTBs, Eric Swenson

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